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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! It's been a while since my last post but I've been really into all this "back to work" thing so I was kind of out of the social media space. Today's post is about what I think that are some tips to have a proper workspace or studyspace. Also, I'll be posting a few photos that I have found on Pinterest and that make me crave everything in them, just to leave some inspiration in case you feel like changing your workspace or whatever.

The first thing is having a clear and organised space. Try not to put amounts of books and coffee mugs and electric stuff and notebooks all over your table because that's definitely not a clear space.
Second: If you have a reduced space and you can't even place your books and your computer, try to search for a bigger and cheap table or go to the kitchen or the living room if you have a proper space and there's no one there when you need it.
Another thing that is genuinely important is no matter where you are but please, stay in a room which have enough light. I'd avoid artificial light like lamps unless it's night time. Natural light is always better. And of course, staying motivated and concentrated is essential, so put your phone away and turn off the TV or the music if it will distract you because there's some people that have concentration issues and having relaxing music on really helps them to focus. But if you are going to be singing the songs in your head or imagining yourself along with Taylor Swift in the stage please, leave the show for later.
Finally, this is the best tip. Do what you trully like and do not work or study something just because others told you that is what you have to do or what you are meant to do. Do what you love and that will make your journey easier. It's true that sometimes we have to study something that we don't like too much or that we don't find useful, but if it's for a good future, then do it. And other times we have to work in places that we do not consider the job we want to have for the rest of our lives but life is a process, time goes fast, a lot of things happen and if you want something just go for it, fight for it. There'll be hard times but "if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you".
Well guys, there is a lot of tips that I could share with you, but I'm ending this post with five that I think are the most important ones. I hope you like this post and thank your for all your comments and for always being so nice to me. Take care xoxo.

What are your tips for the perfect work space?

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5 comentarios

  1. Great tips! I always find that a clean and organised space is the most helpful for my productiveness <3

    1. Oh thank you lovely :) I am genuinely not able to do like nothing if I don't feel I have everything planned, clear and organised. xoxo.

  2. Some really good posts, I definitely agree with the light in the room. My office space is currently so badly light that I end up sitting downstairs where it's far better, it really affects your working process :)

    Em |