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Hello sunshines! It's been a hot min honestly, but I've been out of the social media for more than a week. The reason is that my brother has been at the hospital but it's everything alright now so I'm really happy and ready to catch up with everything including this blog.

A few days ago, I saw an article in a fashion magazine talking about things we should and shoudn't do when it comes to apply mascara and I think it's really useful so I got inspiration of it for this post. So here you have some tips because for me, mascara is an essential part of the make-up routine due to the impact that can create in your eyes. And sometimes we use to make more mistakes than we think when we applying it, so here you have some of the things that you should change if you wanna make your eyelashes pop:

1. Pumping the brush inside and outside the tube mask
This way you only get between air and the mask is not homogeneous and creamy. In addition, the product will dry and will last much less. If necessary shake it, it is better to roll it between the palms.

2. Not remove the excess of the product
Remove the excess of the product from the applicator when you pump it out before applying the mask, or it can left lumps on the eyelashes.

3. Using the eyelash curler after mascara
The eyelash curler should be used before the mask because even after, the eyelashes may break easily.

4. Use the brush with linear movements
The mascara should be applied from the top of the root to the tips of the eyelashes as a zig zag to separate each one.

5. Applying multiple layers
The more layers, more depth and more sophisticated look but also a less natural look. If your eyes are slightly apart, apply more layers on the inside of the eye. If, they are a bit together, focus on the outer edges. If you like, you can comb the lashes with a special brush between each layer.

6. Putting mask only on one side of the lashes
Apply the mascara both above and below the lashes.

7. Forget the corner of the eye
Do not forget the lashes in the corner of your eye and always apply mascara there just to enlarge and lengthening them.

8. Messing up the eyelid
When using mascara, do it with a hand mirror and look down so the eyelashes won't touch the lid until it dries. If you already left some spot, remove it with cotton or something like that.

9. Not remove the eye make-up
Makeup remover is an essential beauty tip. Begin with the eyes and lips and use a specific product. Then continue with the rest of the face.

10. Forget that the mascara expires
It is convenient to change your mascara every six months. If before this time you find it a little dry, you can try adding a few drops of saline water.

And what about you? Do you have some make-up tips to share with us? If you do, I'd appreciate it very much if you could leave it in a comment below! xoxo

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