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Good morning sweet sweet readers! How are you doing today? I'm sure today's post will be useful for loads of you guys because this thing about editing instagram photos has been a main topic the last few months. So well, the first thing you have keep clear in your mind is what kind of theme would you like to have. This way you will edit all your photos in a similar style and they will look more put together and cute and balanced. I'm basing this post on a bright and white theme with pops of color because this is summertime and we need something shiny and colorful and optimistic. If you want to know how I edit my instagram photos, carry on reading:

1. Take a picture or pick one of your camera roll. If you have to take one, make sure you take it in the instagram size because other way you will have to put white borders or crop the photo.
2. Choose an app. I've been using the Aviary Photo Editor app lately. But there's also VSCO cam or Afterlight which I use sometimes. Just pick the one you feel more comfortable with and you like the most.
3. Open Aviary and pick the photo. Go to "Lighting" and then play with the Brightness, contrast and highlights until you like how it looks.
4. Then go to "Color" and put down the warmth. The photo will look more cold tonned. Now put the saturation up so the colors with pop a bit more.
5. Continuing with the process, go to "Whiten" and go all over the photo to make it more white and bright.
6. Finally, click in "Sharpness" and put it up.
7. Then save the photo and you're done!

You can go back and repeat some step in the process, because maybe at the end you want to add more brightness or less saturation or whatever you feel like doing.
Once you have your photo ready to pop, go to your instagram app and upload it. If you don't want to crop it and the size doesn't fit, you can download the Instasize app from the app store. I used to have this one and I liked it but there's a lot more like Image Sizer or Squaready.

As you can see, there's a huge difference between both of the photos. I took it a few weeks ago in a local fair. It was late in the afternoon and the photo looked dark and kind of sad and you barely can appreciate the colors so I edited it following the process that I told you before and that was the result. I hope you guys like this post and find it useful! Click HERE if you want to check out my instagram account :)

How do you edit your instagram photos? What apps and tools do you use? xoxo

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2 comentarios

  1. My main editing app is VSCO and I love it!
    Thank for sharing this.. will try the Aviary app soon!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

    1. I used to have VSCO as my main app too and sometimes I use it yet. It's also pretty good!
      Thank you for the feedback :) xoxo