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Hello everyone! This is such an unexpected post but due to what's been happening in this world lately I felt like I have to share with you guys my thoughts. I use to watch youtubers of different ages, nationalities, cultures, etc... and also people in other platforms like instagram or twitter and I got aware that all of them are concerned about the horrific events that have been going on in different parts of the world and they all have something in common: they don't know what to do to change the world and a lot of them think that it's nothing we can do actually.

Because of that, I've started thinking about it a lot everyday and I've come to a realization. What can they do to change the world? What can I do to change the world? I suppose that all of us think that we can't do anything because we are just common people. I mean, I'm a 25 year old girl who lives in the north of Spain and has a normal job and a normal life. I'm not famous or known enough to make an impact. But watching youtubers, who are watched by millions of people all around the world, I've realized that they think exactly the same as I do. Like, how can it be possible? It's easy. We all are thinking about creating a campaing or an organization or something big like that but it's easier. Which is the thing that makes more impact in people nowadays? Words and images. We are inmerse in the social media everyday and we are constantly reading and seeing images and videos so what else do we want? Let's talk about what's happening! let's make videos about it! that way one by one we all will be sending signals and saying: hey! I'm a boy/girl who lives in a certain part of the world and I'm aware about what's happening. I care about all the awful and unfair events that are going on in Europe, America, Africa, etc...and I condemn them. I want them to stop and I send all my support and love to the victims and injured ones. That is poweful enough guys, and it's much more than we think. 

There's also a particular thing that I'm afraid of. Unfortunately this situation is not new. The cameras and the internet and all that kind of technology which makes possible that we can all be informed is what is new, not the disgusting and horrible things happening. And because of that we got used to it and we take it as a normal or common thing and we don't do nothing about it because "it's not new, it's what happens everyday". What the hell!? How can we are actually used to see acts of terrorism, racism, homophobia, gender violence and a long list of atrocities? We can't take nothing for granted guys and we all have to tell the world that we care, that we feel pain or anger because we do have feelings and empathy and that we are against all kind of cruelty and injustice. I don't know about you, but I disapprove a world like this. This is not the world I like to live in and in fact not the world I want my future children to be raised in.

If you think the same way as I do, don't take a passive attitude because you believe you can't do anything or because you are used to it. Just talk. Talk to your family, friends, work partners, write a blog post like I'm doing now, make a youtube video if it's what you want. But do something because maybe only 100 of you will read this post, but others will see an image, others will read a tweet, others will watch a youtube video and this way we are all together making people think and take a stand in the problem. It's like a chain of change, you see? There's much more than doing anything at all and the people who are suffering and the world in general deserves some kind of support to know that they are not alone and that a huge amount of us still believe in a peaceful, loving and balanced world.

I'm ending this post here but I would like to start a discussion on the comments with you guys. Let me know your thoughts on my words and of course on the actual topic. And don't you dare to forget that you still can be happy and have a beautiful life because that's what the inhuman people who are involved in each event want us to think. They want us not to be happy, not to have hope, not to care about each other and not to live surrounded of love and solidarity. I'd really appreciate if you guys share your opinion with me so I can also see that there's people on other places of the world that actually got my message.

Lots of love,
- Andrea

P.S: If you want, you can also tweet me or send me a DM on twitter or instagram to talk about it. And even you can send me your number so we can imessage or whatever.

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