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Hello sunshines! First of all I'm kind of busy. This week's been all about surprises and unexpected things and I am with my head in other things, so this will be a quick post, my apologies! I promise that you'll love the next post I'm working on.

Okay, less talk and let's jump into this. It's been a while since I published my last fashion related post so here I go. I've been really into Pinterest (click HERE for some inspo) lately and oh my god, it's like a new world. I mean, there's so so much pictures about outfits, home decor, make-up, recipes and tips and stuff that I could spend all day in my iPad scrolling down. But let's focus: inspirational outfits. There is a huge amout of outfit pictures on Pinterest that you can take as inspiration for yourself. No matter what style are you into or what kind of clothes you like: you'll find them. So if you haven't have an account on Pinterest, then you should create one.

I do love my Fashion & Style board so here's some of the inspirational outfits that I'm lusting after for:

Current must haves: Sandals, stilettos, booties, jeans, casual trousers, basic shirts, little dresses, kimonos, stripes, sunnies and hats.

What are you guys aiming this month? xoxo

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    1. I do too! I can't say which one is my favorite because I basically want them all. xoxo.