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Hello everyone! So today I'm gonna be showing you the order you need to follow when you put your make-up on. Well I know that each person has its own way and order to apply make-up, not everyone of us feel comfortable applying the same products or following the same steps so this is a little help in case you're wondering how could you apply your make-up or if you are just curious.

Okay so this is the order I use everyday. Sometimes I skip some step depending on what make-up look I feel like doing:

If this would be a make-up routine, the first thing that I'd do is washing my face (if you have a skincare routine this is the time when you apply your products). After washing my face I moisturize my skin and then I apply foundation or a bbcream. Some of you may use sunscreen or a primer, so apply both or just the one you use before foundation. The next step that I follow is applying concealer under my eyes and in the places I have some blemishes or spots and when I'm done I use my powder basically to set everything in place.
Now it's time of contouring (one of my fave parts). The first product that I use is bronzer and then I apply my blush all over my cheeks. If you have a highlighter now it's when you have to apply it.
Moving to eyebrows, the first thing you have to do is prime them, step that I skip, and once you have applied the primer, all you have to do is choosing an eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow in case you use some and fill them.
Once my eyebrows are done, I prime my eyes and sometimes I use an eyeshadow as a base to cover my veins because, you know, pale girl problems. When it's all covered up I apply the eyeshadow that I want all over my lid and after that I pick another eyeshadow to apply in my crease. When these two steps are done, I apply a darker eyeshadow on the outer corner and to end with eyes, it's time to eyeliner, lash curler and mascara. Oh and some people apply the eyeshadow also in the undereye but I don't use to do it.
Finally it's time to do your lips! A step that I love along with contouring. It only takes me three steps to be done with my lips, but some people follow some more. The only thing that I do is applying a lip balm and using a lip pencil to fill my lips before the lipstick or lipgloss. But yeah, the other steps you can follow are: using a lip primer, then lip pencil to define your lips, next a lipstick and to finish up with it I saw people that apply concealer around the lips and a setting powder. This way your lips will last on point like forever.
And after all these steps you're done! I don't use a setting spray but a lot of people does so if you have one, apply it at the end to set all your make-up in place.

Well this is all for today, I hope you like this post guys x

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  1. Oh, might try the concealer around the lips thing.. hmm :)
    Great post idea

    Alice x

    1. I've never tried it neither so you should totally tell me how was it when you try :) x

  2. Great post :)

  3. I skip primer too, I just don't like it!!

  4. Good detailed post :)