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Hello loves! Today I'm gonna be doing a "What's in my bag" post. First of all, the bag that I'm showing you is a christmas present from my parents and I think they bought it in a little boutique near my house. As you can see it's beige with gold details, I totally love it.

The first thing that I always have in my bag is my phone and it is an Iphone 5 if you are wondering. The second thing but not less important is my black and silver wallet which is an Escensio special edition. It's really handy and I can put my cards, money, photos, etc into it.
Moving on, other thing that I never go out without it in my bag is my Floureon Portable Battery Charger. Seriously guys, if you don't have one of this things I don't know what are you doing with your life. I hate running out of battery in my phone and when this happens, I only have to put my phone into it, press the button and voilà! my phone's charging!
Okay, after all these essentials I also use to carry with me some lipstick and eyeliner to keep my make-up on point all the time I'm outside. And of course a mirror, because I just can't stand not being able to look at myself in some mirror while I'm not at home. I know I'm crazy, whatever. Oh and I think that this cute mirror is from Accessorize but I don't know it 100% because it's a gift that one of my penpals has sent to me.
And finally, the last thing is also a gift from my penpal and it's an Accessorize Cherry Face & Body Wipes. How lovely is the packaging? Aw <3 
Oh God I almost forgot about the hand cream! As I said in my Skincare Routine post, I don't stand dry hands so I always keep with me a hand crem, which in this case is the L'Occitane En Provence hand cream. 
Well, I also use to have some chewing gum in it because I'm obsessed with chewing gums okay?

That's everything for today's post, but before posting this I want to give a BIG THANKS to all the people who reads my posts, who leave comments and who follows me on bloglovin. Seriously guys, you are amazing, I love you all!! xoxo

P.S: Sorry about the bad lighting in the photos guys but the weather is awful today. It's cold and rainy and ugh.

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  1. Your bag is so beautiful and organised! Just popping by to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award over at my blog:
    I look forward to reading your response!
    - Jodie x

    1. Aw thank you so much for the nomination lovely!! x

  2. What do you think about follow each other via bloglovin? If you want, just follow me there and I'll follow you back!

  3. Love that mirror! Also, I haven never seen a portable charger like that - so looking it up!

    1. Oh you should totally look for one because it's perfect :) x

  4. Cute bag ! :) I really need to invest in a portable phone charger, I have a Iphone 5 too and when I really need to use it, its always almost out of charge haha. I love how well organised your bag is, mines is like a dumping site hahahah Have a lovely day x

    Caitriona | Blog

  5. iPhone battery life is so bad :)