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Hello everyone! It's been a while, isn't it? Today I'm sharing with you a recipe which is perfect for summertime and super easy and quick to make. If you want to know more, keep reading:


Lettuce (green, purple...)

Surimi (crab sticks)


Olive oil

You can also add boiled eggs or whatever you like. Oh and if you don't like some of the ingredients I've listed, you can totally switch them for others that fit. 

I personally don't put any dressing on but you can add mayonnaise for example.


Well making a salad isn't a really hard thing to do and you can follow the order that you personally want. The first thing I do is cleaning the lettuce with water and putting it into a big bowl. Then I open the tuna cans and spread them all over the lettuce. After that I chop the surimi sticks and also the onion. I use to cut the onion into strips and the surimi as square. To finish, I add some olives and a spoon of olive oil, a lot of vinegar (because I love it, but this is totally up to you) and salt. Once you've done this, you only have to mix everything perfectly to blend together the ingredients with the olive oil, vinegar and salt.

That's all guys! Feel free to tell me your own recipes so I can make them and also if you decide to do this one tweet me a picture @voguescent :) xoxo

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