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Hello guys! So today I'm talking my most favorite nail polishes for christmas time. 
Nails are such a very important thing for me and I always try to have them properly done. I think that there is a selection of nail polishes colors for each and every season and moments. Like for example, in summer I use light and shiny colors (baby pink, baby blue, light greens, peachy colors, lilac...), in autumn I go for browns or darker greens, for night parties I like to do them with glittery and darker colors...and of course I love nude colors which I use everytime.

But it's now christmas time and my fave colors for a lazy day or a shopping afternoon, family meeting, party with friends or whatever I'm going to do are the following:

1. Essence Colour & Go Glittery Purple
2. Maxlook Silver Nail Polish Jeans Collection
3. Astor Lacque Deluxe in the shade Forest Green
4. Rimmel London 60 Seconds in the shade Singing De Blues
5. The Color Workshop Red Nail polish
6. Extravaganza Nail polish by H&M
7. Deliplus White Nail Polish

Maybe you're wondering if I wear all of them and the answer is yes. The point is knowing when you should use each one and it depends on what you've planned: if you're meeting your friends, your family, if you're going to work, if you're going out for lunch or for dinner, if you want to be casual or more's totally up to you and the plans you have.

I hope this post helps you for this lovely and amazing time of the year, and remember to combine the color of your clothes and accesories with the nail polishes you use.

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