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Hello world! On this cloudy Wednesday I'm letting you see a bit of my fashion taste and how I like to combine clothes. I think that nothing is completely written if we're talking about fashion, I mean, there's a few things you must have clear in your mind but the rest is totally up to you and your taste, how you feel each day, what you are going to do, where you are going to... Ultimately, each person has its own concept of fashion and in my opinion that's the magic inside this.

This time is the turn of winter coats because let's get this clear: Who doesn't like coats? They are a very important part of the outfit in autumn/winter seasons. In fact, for me coats and accesories are the most important things in an autumn/winter outfit.

As I said, each person create its own concept of fashion and style outfits in different ways. I'm gonna show you my way with three different kind of coats and it would be really nice if I could receive feedback from you, you know, let me know what do you think about the following outfits and what would you change or what you love about them...whatever you want loves.

How to style | Taper coat

1. Lauren Manoogian Taper Coat
2. Tunic Shirt Dress
3. Paula Bianco Frayed Infinity Scarf in Tawny
4. ModCloth Boho Alright, Berry On! Tote
5. Converse Allstar Low Lthr

How to style | Buttoned coat

1. Single-buttoned Dropped-shoulder Md-long Woolen Coat

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