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Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first post of the series "Favorite Stores". In this kind of posts I'll basically be talking about my fave stores which can be online or not. This is such an inspiration for you guys like if you've never went to a certain shop or ordered something in an online shop and you don't know if you'd like it, so I'm letting you what I saw, what I think about the store and what I got.

First thing I have to say is Topshop is quite expensive so I only bought a sweat but I saw way too many clothes and accesories that I loved.

When I first walked in I saw a whole section of glittery clothes and purses and stuff  and I felt like oh-my-god I want it all for christmas parties! but unfortunately I was almost out of money so...I'll keep dreaming about it. 

One of the things about Topshop that I liked the most is that they have such a lot of different clothes which can fit into a huge bunch of styles so I couldn't label this store in a specific category because you can buy a lot of stuff and style it the way you like just to feel comfortable if you have your own defined style.

I bought a navy blue sweat which I totally love. It was 46€ which I think it's about 36£. There were more colors but I fell in love with the navy blue one. It has a funnel neck and it's so freaking comfortable...I highly recommend it. If you like it you can find it HERE.

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