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Hello everyone! So today this post will be all about my make-up routine most used products.
What I usually do first is moisturise my skin. This step is very important for prevent your skin of breaking up and also because if you wanna look flawless with your make-up on, your skin must be hydrated. The next thing I do is applying my Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in the shade soft beige. This thing guys is perfect, I'm in love with it, it makes my skin look so soft and covers any blemishes I may have. Oh and it stays like forever, so the 25 hour thing is totally true.

Moving on to powder, my all time fave is the Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder, and all I do is applying it gently through all my face to prevent oily skin, shine and the appearance of pores. And now is bronzing time! The one I use is dark brown with a little of glitter, but I can't remember where I bought it actually. Okay, after bronzing and contouring I apply the NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder which is absolutely lovely and make my cheeks look rosy and cute. When I'm done with bronzer and blush is very important blend them out to hide any harsh lines.

Now it's time for the eyebrows. I can't go out without doing them, like seriously, even in lazy days I can't go out with my natural eyebrows. I think that eyebrows are actually one of the most important parts of our face and depending the way you do them, you'll look different. So take care of them and be carefull of how you fill them because you can look perfect or horrendous.
The product I use for filling my eyebrows is the Essence eyebrow pencil in the shade blonde. I love this pencil so much because they look natural even when they are not and stays like forever.

When my eyebrows are done (I think eyebrow is my most used word in this post tho), I move into my eyes. First of all, I prime them with my Kiko Pearly Eye Base Primer. This is a brightening base for eyeshadow and it prolongs its hold and enhances its colour. I've been using it for almost a year now and I'm not getting any other product because this one is perfect for me.
Next step is applying the eyeshadow. I've been using the Nude Eyes Palette from H&M lately and it's better than I expected. What I usually do is using the number 1 to highlight my brow bones, the number 2 as a base on the lid and the number 3 in my outter corners. Finally I blend it all and it's done.
As a final touch I apply mascara on my upper and lower lash line using the NYC Volumizing Mascara Show Time and the Essence Extra Longlasting Eyeliner Pen.

And at last but not least, lipstick! Which is one of my favorite parts of my make-up routine. I'm recently really into essence lipsticks because they are very pigmented and not expensive at all. The shades I use the most are Coral Calling, On the catwalk and Natural Beauty.

And I'm ready to go!

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